The Birthday Books, a collection of short stories with a strong northern theme, can be ordered online from the usual places such as Indigo and Amazon. You can also buy it from Mac's Fireweed Bookstore and Coles in Whitehorse, Yukon. The Birthday Books is published by Hagios Press in their Strike Fire New Authors Collection (2015).

My first poetry collection, The Fleece Era, is described as: 'a wry and eloquent testament to the intricacies of our various relationships. From the shattered pieces of our environmental puzzles to the labyrinth of family dynamics, Lilley makes these dilemmas come alive. Chillingly sparse, attractively odd and refreshingly frank, The Fleece Era embraces the complexities of human life with an unsettling mix of the sardonic and the compassionate.' If you'd like a copy, visit Brick Books online or look for it on Indigo or Amazon or other such places. On the Brick Books site you can sample some of the poems (just click on the 'recordings' tab) or take a look at some reviews (click on the 'reviews' tab). You can buy either a print or an e-version. The Fleece Era is published by Brick Books (2014).

They Bring it on Themselves is a chapbook of animal poems that I published myself as a fundraiser for animal welfare organisations. I give any money I make from sales to groups that are trying to make life better for animals. You can buy it on Amazon in Canada, the US and the UK in both print and Kindle format. I published it under my own Snapdragon Press imprint in 2013.