Chapbook of animal poems now online

A little while ago I published a chapbook of animal poems as a way to help raise funds for animal welfare organisations. It's called They Bring it on Themselves and you can now buy it online. I worry about animals a great deal and this is just one little thing I can do to help them a bit.

Any money I make from sales goes to help animals. You can either buy a print version or a Kindle version. I gave the first batch I printed to Stop University of British Columbia Animal Research and also gave a bundle to the Nicholson Street PDSA shop in Edinburgh. That's the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals if you're wondering. If you're interested in printing your own copies for an animal-related project, just get in touch.

Whitehorse's literary community is thriving

A friend of mine in Whitehorse is looking for a writing group so I was listing the options for her, at least the ones I knew about. For a population of just 26,000, we're doing pretty well. There's the monthly Brave New Writing at the Rah Rah Gallery (complementing its companion Brave New Words open mic event) run by Susanne Hingley. There's the Cramped Hand writing session run by Jessica Simon. Darrell Hookey has just started a workshop for new and stalled writers. Patricia Robertson is leading a workshop on writing and healing and Clea Roberts is running a workshop on poetry and the grieving process. That's on top of all the huddles of writers meeting diffidently in each other's homes to share their work. If you're interested in any of these and can't find details about them online, just drop me an email and I'll do my best to connect you.