What people are saying so far

Here are some things that people are saying so far about The Fleece Era, my poetry collection published earlier this year by Brick Books. I'm grateful to Garry Thomas Morse, Adebe deRango-Adem and the Literary Press Group of Canada for not only taking the time to read my book but also commenting on it.

"At times chilling in its honesty, The Fleece Era nevertheless embraces the complexities of human life with warmth and passion."

 Adebe deRango-Adem, Quill and Quire

 "The Fleece Era contains some beautiful poetry, but has a narrative ease to it that will appeal to readers who don’t usually read poetry. The writing is taut yet deep, brimming with energy and openness."

Literary Press Group of Canada

"In her poem 'Neo-Colonialist', Joanna Lilley brushes aside her sensitivities and concerns and adopts a comical tone that is (self-)critical of tropes associated with historical and economical privilege, bringing about a marvelous effect, and this crafty poetic approach amid our obsession with everything North is to be found throughout her collection."

Garry Thomas Morse, Jacket2