Is this Banff?

I'm at the Banff Centre this week, pretending I'm a full-time poet. It's wonderful. If only it paid as well as my day job. This is one of the best presents I've ever given myself (and I've given myself a lot of presents). It's been raining a lot this week and there are rumours of snow today. The way the clouds are smoking out the mountains, I sometimes wonder if I'm in Banff at all. When you see a glimpse of mountain, it's more like being inside a Japanese print.

I could say the weather is helping to keep me indoors, fingers tapping on the laptop. But to be honest I've never had a problem staying inside when the sun is shining. I feel a decadent thrill when I go to the cinema on a sunny afternoon; even at my age I can still hear my mother forbidding visits to the local fleapit when the sky is blue.