Things I can't write about

Stop UBC Animal Research launched its new website the other day at Be careful if you hover over any of the images of sweet animals. It makes the point but it's not pleasant.

Animals are the hardest thing for me to write about. You're supposed to be cruel to your characters, so they say, but that must mean I have to cruel to my animal characters too. I don't know if I can do that.

Talking to no one

One of the problems I have with facebook is that I feel I don’t know who I’m talking to. I prefer talking to one person rather to a roomful of people already chatting amongst themselves. I don’t like to butt in. And yet I have this blog which scarcely even gets picked up by Google. It seems I prefer to talk to no one.

No news

There's no news at weekends in the Yukon. All the local reporters like to take weekends off as much as the rest of us who live here. We therefore do our best to make sure nothing happens on Saturdays or Sundays.


The doctor tells me
I’m a detective,
that the body in the case
I have to solve
is mine

That which doesn't kill you

The cat doesn’t care
the space on the bed you left behind
is second-hand
but I sleep badly
skin itching from rash decisions
I’ve got two hands
so I’m scratching in two places at once